Erich von Stroheim had a larger project, but shooting was stopped after nine months. He was ordered to make two films of the material: The Wedding March and the sequel The Honeymoon. The third part he had planned, was never filmed.

Copies of the film were few and rarely shown, until Erich von Stroheim was shown the French copy at the Cinematheque Francaise by Henri Langlois in 1954. Von Stroheim was able to give editing instructions, thanks to which Kevin Brownlow was able to restore this film to the director's cut, using the color segment of the Corpus Christi procession, material found only in the USA version and the copy at the Library of Congress Film Archive, and also restoring it to the 24 fps speed.

Final film of 'Mack, Hughie'. He died in 1927, before the picture was released.

Final film of George Nichols. He died in 1927, before the picture was released.

Nicki gives Mitzi chocolates from Gerstner's of Vienna (Wien). Gerstner's was founded in 1847 and, by 1863, received Imperial approval as K&K Hofzuckerbäcker (Confectioner to the Imperial Court). (Mitzi and her family would not have had anything like these chocolates before as they would have only been an upper-class luxury item.)

Erich von Stroheim:  [ambulance]  Mitzi is carried away in an ambulance after she is injured at the cathedral ceremony.

Erich von Stroheim:  [janitor]  When Mitzi goes to the church to pray, a janitor is seen removing candle wax from the floor.

Erich von Stroheim:  [prostitutes]  The marriage between Nikki and Cecilia is arranged by their respective fathers in a high-class brothel, surrounded by exotically-dressed prostitutes.