Brutus, the 'Ugly Dachshund', also appears in another Walt Disney film, six years earlier as one of the Swiss Family Robinson's two guardian Danes, Duke.

Final film of Dick Wessel. He died shortly after principal photography was completed, and Paul Frees looped in Wessel's entire part in post-production.

In the movie, Suzanne Pleshette is obsessed with dachshunds, but in real life, she shared her home with a Yorkshire terrier named Missy. Because her pooch could smell Pleshette's "costars" on her when she got home at night - and didn't like it - the actress had to shower and change her clothes before leaving the studio.

The movie earned $6 million, which was considered a hit in 1966, and it received the "Boxoffice" magazine Blue Ribbon Award for the month of March that year.