Moe says "we don't do that anymore", after one of the Stooge lookalikes 'eye pokes' one of the other lookalikes. This comes from a agreement Moe Howard and Larry Fine made with Joe DeRita at the beginning of the full length movie series. The agreement was that the eye poke would not be used by the group any longer due to the resurgence of the popularity of the comedy trio, especially with kids seeing the shorts during afternoon children's programming. DeRita was concerned that kids would imitate the eye poke, and not do it correctly (The proper Stooge eye poke move is that the fingers would actually make contact slightly above the eyebrows, but appearing on film that the eyes were actually poked), thus causing real damage to the eyes. Moe and Larry agreed with DeRita, and the eye poke was retired from the act, making this scene a rarity in the later Stooge years.