Thurl Ravenscroft was originally going to sing "The Headless Horseman".

Disney composer Oliver Wallace voices Mr. Winky. Some sources, however, list Alec Harford for that role.

Disney's original title for the movie was, "Two Fabulous Characters." Apparently, the only reason these two stories are linked together is the fact that their main characters are "prone to disaster".

During the Ichabod tale, the title character is frightened by some reeds whistling in the wind. The same drawings were first used in the Disney short The Old Mill.

In "The Wind in the Willows", Angus MacBadger tells Ratty and Mole that something has to be done about Toad as he's spending too much money. This was a sly dig at Roy O. Disney who was always complaining to the animators about his brother Walt Disney for spending too much money.

One of Disney's four "Package Films". During World War II the studio lost a lot of manpower and resources, which left it with countless unfinished ideas too long for shorts and too short for features. So, inventive as Disney was, it stuck short ideas together into feature-length movies. See also Make Mine Music, Melody Time and Fun & Fancy Free.

Rat describes Toad's latest obsession as "Motor Mania". This is the title of a classic Goofy short which would be released the following year (Motor Mania).

The two segments featured herein were subsequently released as independent featurettes on video.

There was a legend that said that one animator stopped worked on "The Wind In the Willows" to join the Army during World War II and then returned four years later to continue work on the exact same film sequence.

To save money on animation, Katrina was modeled closely after Grace Martin from Make Mine Music. She also greatly resembles Slue Foot Sue from the "Pecos Bill" segment of "Melody Time."