George Zucco replaced a dying Lionel Atwill in the role of Dr. Joseph Van Ee.

Completed April 1946, but not released until February of 1947 (copyright 1946).

Shot in the inexpensive Cinecolor process, usually reserved for low-budget Westerns.

The only color film to star Bela Lugosi (he appeared in a 1930 Technicolor film, Viennese Nights, but did not star in it). The only other color footage of the actor is in a wartime short in which he can be seen giving blood for the war effort.

When Indigo the midget steps on Raymond's feet after he insulted him, Prof. Leonid (Bela Lugosi) shouts at the little man in Hungarian, which translation as "What did you do again? Now look at yourself! Sit down and stay there!"