Edmund Cobb, the uncredited actor who is easily recognizable to Western fans as the masked Rattler in every chapter, is nowhere to be seen in any other capacity as the story progresses, and when the real Rattler is finally unmasked in the final chapter, he turns out to be a different (credited) actor entirely.

Chapter Titles:
  • 1. The Rattler
  • 2. The Man Nobody Knows
  • 3. The Eyes That Never Sleeps
  • 4. The Human Target
  • 5. Phantom Outlaws
  • 6. The Perfect Crime
  • 7. Tarzan the Cunning
  • 8. The Enemy's Stronghold
  • 9. The Fatal Warning
  • 10.The Secret of the Mountain
  • 11.Behind the Mask
  • 12.The Judgement of Tarzan