Walter Matthau appeared in Ensign Pulver, the sequel to Mister Roberts, for which his friend and often co-star Jack Lemmon won an Oscar.

First movie role for Larry Hagman.

Many scenes featuring Jack Nicholson were left on the cutting room floor.

The movie viewed by the crew, "Young Dr. Jekyll Meets Frankenstein," never existed. It was fabricated by matching some newly made shots into existing footage from "The Walking Dead," a 1935 Warner Brothers release starring Boris Karloff and Edmund Gwenn. Both Karloff and Gwenn are credited on the screen, as is another actual actor, Morgan Paull, who appears in some of the new shots. Paull's on-screen credit reads "And Introducing Morgan Paull as Young Dr. jekyll." Paull would go on to an acting career that included prominent roles in Patton" (1970) and "Blade Runner (1982). "Ensign Pulver" may have been his first on-screen appearance.