Jennifer Jones, Vivien Leigh, and Virginia Grey were among those thought out for the female lead.

Walter Pidgeon who has a brief cameo in the film, was at one point considered for the title role.

Fay Hendry, the mother of Sonya Hendry, a young girl who appeared in the film, was awarded nearly $30,000 for injuries she sustained when the girl was struck by a falling reflector at the site of location filming.

In late 1946, Marie McDonald campaigned for the female lead.

MGM reportedly paid close to $150,000 for the film rights to Lewis' novel.

The poem that Cass Timberlane recites at the picnic with Virginia is "First Fig" by Edna St. Vincent Millay and goes "My candle burns at both ends / It will not last the night / But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends / It gives a lovely light!"

Tracy was not initially pleased with the studio's choice of director, hoping to have George Cukor or Vincente Minnelli assigned the position.