Dolores del Rio supposedly appears nude in the underwater love scene. This maybe the case, but the lighting makes it hard to tell.

King Vidor originally took his cast and crew to Hawaii to shoot exteriors. After numerous technical problems, the weather took a turn for the worst, so hopes of shooting the picture in authentic locations was never realized.

A sequel entitled "Green Mansions" was planned, which was to feature the same leads and creative team, but that project was scrapped due to bad receipts for this film.

Debut film for Lon Chaney Jr., billed under his real name, Creighton Chaney, which he used until 1935.

The first sound film with a full symphonic score. Also the first complete film score to be issued on disc.

The native village huts were later reused for the inhabitants of Skull Island in RKO's classic King Kong.

The production began principal photography without an complete script.