Musicians in the band on the soundtrack included bassist Jack Bruce and Burt Bacharach on piano.

The actor portraying Moses (in the Biblical epic being filmed by De Sica in the desert) has a hairstyle modeled on Michaelangelo's renowned sculpture, "Moses"; horns are sculpted into the actor's hair, mimicking the horns in Michaelangelo's statue (placed there due to a mistranslation of the Bible, in which the Hebrew word for "rays" was misread as 'horns').

The apartment where Aldo Vanucci takes a bubble bath and then hides from the policemen in a booth (perhaps a WC) on the roof, naked and covered in soap suds, is the same charming old apartment where M. Hulot lives in the film "Mon Oncle".

The man playing the great Italian director Vittorio De Sica is the real Vittorio De Sica who actually directed this movie.

The scenes of the film that Aldo Vanucci and Gina Vanucci watch starring Tony Powell (Victor Mature) are actually scenes from the film Easy Living starring Victor Mature and Lizabeth Scott.