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9 People Died On March 31

Roland West


Roland Van Ziemer
Born on Feb 20, 1885 in Cleveland, OH
Died on Mar 31, 1952 in Santa Monica, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Dove, Alibi, The Monster, Corsair and The Bat Whispers

Gene Lockhart


Eugene Lockhart
Born on Jul 18, 1891 in London, Canada
Died on Mar 31, 1957 in Santa Monica, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Down Among the Sheltering Palms, A Scandal in Paris, The Desert Song, The Foxes of Harrow and Crime and Punishment

Don Alvarado


José Paige
Born on Nov 04, 1904 in Albuquerque, NM
Died on Mar 31, 1967 in Hollywood, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Big Steal, The Old Man and the Sea, Lady with a Past, The Battle of the Sexes and One Night in the Tropics

Nancy Price


Lilian Nancy Bache Price
Born on Feb 03, 1880 in Kinver, England
Died on Mar 31, 1970 in Worthing, England
Fan Favorite Films: The Stars Look Down, I Know Where I'm Going!, Down Our Street, The Speckled Band and Madonna of the Seven Moons

Melville Cooper


George Melville Cooper
Born on Oct 15, 1896 in Birmingham, England
Died on Mar 31, 1973 in Woodland Hills, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Pride and Prejudice, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Father of the Bride, The Lady Eve and The Dawn Patrol

Astrid Allwyn


Astrid Allwyn
Born on Nov 27, 1905 in South Manchester, CT
Died on Mar 31, 1978 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Stowaway, Dante's Inferno, Follow the Fleet, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Love Affair

Jerry Paris


William Gerald Paris
Born on Jul 25, 1925 in San Francisco, CA
Died on Mar 31, 1986 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Never a Dull Moment, Cyrano de Bergerac, D-Day the Sixth of June, The Caine Mutiny and Good Morning Miss Dove

Kiichi Ichikawa


Kiichi Ichikawa
Born on Nov 30, 1922 in Takasaki, Japan
Died on Mar 31, 2006 in Tokyo, Japan
Fan Favorite Films: Woman in the Dunes,

Jules Dassin


Julius Dassin
Born on Dec 18, 1911 in Middletown, CT
Died on Mar 31, 2008 in Athens, Greece
Fan Favorite Films: Rififi, Topkapi, Two Smart People, The Law and The Naked City

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