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8 People Died On March 26

Sarah Bernhardt


Henriette-Rosine Bernard
Born on Oct 23, 1844 in Paris, France
Died on Mar 26, 1923 in Paris, France
Fan Favorite Films:

J.P. McGowan


Born on Feb 24, 1880 in Terowie, Australia
Died on Mar 26, 1952 in Hollywood, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Hurricane Express, The Hazards of Helen,

Ian Keith


Keith Ross
Born on Feb 27, 1899 in Boston, MA
Died on Mar 26, 1960 in New York City, NY
Fan Favorite Films: The Spanish Main, The Crusades, Nightmare Alley, Dick Tracy's Dilemma and The Buccaneer

Patricia Ellis


Patricia Ellis
Born on May 20, 1916 in Birmingham, MI
Died on Mar 26, 1970 in Kansas City, MO
Fan Favorite Films: Here Comes the Groom (1934), Block-Heads, Back Door to Heaven, Convention City and The Case of the Lucky Legs

Noel Coward


Born on Dec 16, 1899 in Teddington, England
Died on Mar 26, 1973 in Blue Harbor, Jamaica
Fan Favorite Films:

Walter Abel


Walter Abel
Born on Jun 06, 1898 in St. Paul, MN
Died on Mar 26, 1987 in Essex, CT
Fan Favorite Films: Holiday Inn, So Proudly We Hail!, Dance, Girl, Dance, Green Light and The Confessio

Herman Hoffman


Herman Hoffman
Born on Jun 29, 1909 in Montgomery, AL
Died on Mar 26, 1989 in Laguna Hills, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Bad Day at Black Rock, Take the High Ground!,

Jan Sterling


Jane Sterling Adriance
Born on Apr 03, 1924 in New York City, NY
Died on Mar 26, 2004 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles
Fan Favorite Films: Johnny Belinda, Caged, Ace in the Hole, Split Second and 1984

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