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4 People Died On June 26

Charles Sellon


Charles Sellon
Born on Aug 24, 1870 in Boston, MA
Died on Jun 26, 1937 in La Crescenta, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Vagabond Lover, Bureau of Missing Persons, It's a Gift, Employees' Entrance and The King of Kings

Reginald Beckwith


William Reginald Beckwith
Born on Nov 02, 1908 in York, England
Died on Jun 26, 1965 in Bourne End, England
Fan Favorite Films: The V.I.P.s, Thunderball, Mister Moses, Another Man's Poison and Man with a Millio

Carl Foreman


Carl Foreman
Born on Jul 23, 1914 in Chicago, IL
Died on Jun 26, 1984 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles
Fan Favorite Films: The Guns of Navarone, High Noon, The Key, The Victors

Dolores Gray


Dolores Gray
Born on Jun 07, 1924 in Chicago, IL
Died on Jun 26, 2002 in Manhattan, New York City
Fan Favorite Films: Kismet, Designing Woman, Lady for a Night, Mr. Skeffington and The Opposite Sex

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