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13 People Died On July 6

Reginald Barlow


Reginald Barlow
Born on Jun 17, 1866 in Cambridge, MA
Died on Jul 06, 1943 in Hollywood, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Lloyd's of London, Captain Blood, Thoroughbreds Don't Cry, Les Miserables and Cardinal Richelieu

Gabriel Pascal


Born on Jun 04, 1894 in Arad, Austria-Hungary
Died on Jul 06, 1954 in New York City, NY
Fan Favorite Films: Pygmalion, Caesar and Cleopatra,

Marjorie Rambeau


Marjorie Rambeau
Born on Jul 15, 1889 in San Francisco, CA
Died on Jul 06, 1970 in Palm Springs, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Hell Divers, In Old Oklahoma, The Rains Came, The Secret Six and 20 Mule Team

Louis Armstrong


Louis Daniel Armstrong
Born on Aug 04, 1901 in New Orleans, LA
Died on Jul 06, 1971 in New York City, NY
Fan Favorite Films: Paris Blues, Cabin in the Sky, Pennies from Heaven, High Society and The Five Pennies

Brandon De Wilde


Andre Brandon De Wilde
Born on Apr 09, 1942 in Brooklyn, NY
Died on Jul 06, 1972 in Denver, CO
Fan Favorite Films: Shane, Hud, All Fall Down, Good-bye, My Lady and In Harm's Way

Joe E. Brown


Joseph Evans Brown
Born on Jul 28, 1892 in Holgate, OH
Died on Jul 06, 1973 in Brentwood, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Alibi Ike, Some Like It Hot, Around the World in Eighty Days, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Sit Tight

Gail Patrick


Margaret LaVelle Fitzpatrick
Born on Jun 20, 1911 in Birmingham, AL
Died on Jul 06, 1980 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: My Man Godfrey, Mad About Music, My Favorite Wife, Stage Door and King of Alcatraz

Edmund Grainger


James Edmund Grainger
Born on Oct 01, 1906 in New York City, NY
Died on Jul 06, 1981 in Beverly Hills, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Cimarron, Green Mansions, Let Them Live, The Treasure of Pancho Villa and Never So Few

Roy Rogers


Leonard Franklin Slye
Born on Nov 05, 1911 in Cincinnati, OH
Died on Jul 06, 1998 in Apple Valley, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Young Buffalo Bill, Dark Command, The Carson City Kid, Frontier Pony Express and Song of Texas

John Frankenheimer


John Michael Frankenheimer
Born on Feb 19, 1930 in New York City, NY
Died on Jul 06, 2002 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Gypsy Moths, Grand Prix, The Manchurian Candidate, Seconds and All Fall Dow

Buddy Ebsen


Christian Ludolph Ebsen Jr.
Born on Apr 02, 1908 in Belleville, IL
Died on Jul 06, 2003 in Torrance, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Broadway Melody of 1938, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Between Heaven and Hell, Broadway Melody of 1936 and The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family B

Kasey Rogers


Imogene Rogers
Born on Dec 15, 1925 in Morehouse, MO
Died on Jul 06, 2006 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: No Man of Her Own (1950), Strangers on a Train, Dark City, Something to Live For and Ask Any Girl

James Caan


James Edmund Caan
Born on Mar 26, 1940 in The Bronx, NY
Died on Jul 06, 2022 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Lady in a Cage, The Godfather Part II, Red Line 7000, Irma la Douce and Countdow

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