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12 People Born On April 14

Alan Aynesworth


E. Abbot-Anderson
Born on Apr 14, 1864 in Sandhurst, England
Died on Aug 22, 1959 in Camberley, England
Fan Favorite Films: Brewster's Millions, The Iron Duke, The Last Days of Dolwyn, Brown Sugar and Little Frie

James Stephenson


James Stephenson
Born on Apr 14, 1889 in Selby, England
Died on Jul 29, 1941 in Pacific Palisades, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Sons of Liberty, Cowboy from Brooklyn, The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, The Letter and The Sea Hawk

Lee Tracy


William Lee Tracy
Born on Apr 14, 1898 in Atlanta, GA
Died on Oct 18, 1968 in Santa Monica, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Strange Love of Molly Louvain, Dinner at Eight, Bombshell, Love Is a Racket and The Best M

Ralph Dietrich


Ralph Dietrich
Born on Apr 14, 1903 in New York City, NY
Died on Dec 01, 1961 in West Hollywood, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Suez, My Friend Flicka,

John Gielgud


Arthur John Gielgud
Born on Apr 14, 1904 in South Kensington, England
Died on May 21, 2000 in Wotton Underwood, England
Fan Favorite Films: The Elephant Man, Richard III, Saint Joan, The Loved One and Around the World in Eighty Days

John Howard


John R. Cox Jr.
Born on Apr 14, 1913 in Cleveland, OH
Died on Feb 19, 1995 in Santa Rosa, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Lost Horizon, The Philadelphia Story, Let Them Live, Green Hell and Valiant Is the Word for Carrie

Valerie Hobson


Valerie Babette Louise Hobson
Born on Apr 14, 1917 in Larne, Ireland
Died on Nov 13, 1998 in London, England
Fan Favorite Films: Kind Hearts and Coronets, Werewolf of London, Bride of Frankenstein, The Path of Glory and Great Expectations

Rod Steiger


Rodney Stephen Steiger
Born on Apr 14, 1925 in Westhampton, NY
Died on Jul 09, 2002 in Los Angeles, CA
Fan Favorite Films: The Longest Day, Doctor Zhivago, The Pawnbroker, Seven Thieves and On the Waterfront

Gloria Jean


Gloria Jean Schoonover
Born on Apr 14, 1926 in Buffalo, NY
Died on Aug 31, 2018 in Mountain View, HI
Fan Favorite Films: If I Had My Way, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Copacabana, What's Cookin'? and Get Hep to Love

Bradford Dillman


Bradford Dillman
Born on Apr 14, 1930 in San Francisco, CA
Died on Jan 16, 2018 in Santa Barbara, CA
Fan Favorite Films: Francis of Assisi, A Certain Smile, Compulsion, Fear No Evil and Treasure of the Amazo

Shani Wallis


Shani Wallis
Born on Apr 14, 1933 in Tottenham, London
Fan Favorite Films: A King in New York, Oliver!, Ramsbottom Rides Again, The Extra Day

Julie Christie


Julie Frances Christie
Born on Apr 14, 1941 in Chabua, India
Fan Favorite Films: Crooks Anonymous, Darling, The Fast Lady, Fahrenheit 451 and Far from the Madding Crow

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