The Sea Hawk

The Sea Hawk (1915)

Novel: The Sea Hawk ()
Published/Performed: 1915

Author: Rafael Sabatini
Born: Apr 29, 1875 Jesi, Italy
Passed: Feb 13, 1950 Adelboden , Switzerland

Film: The Sea Hawk
Released: 1940

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About the Novel The Sea Hawk:

The Sea Hawk is a novel by Rafael Sabatini, originally published in 1915. The story is set over the years 1588?1593, and concerns a retired Cornish sea-faring gentleman, Sir Oliver Tressilian, who is villainously betrayed by a jealous half-brother. After being forced to serve as a slave on a galley, Sir Oliver is liberated by Barbary pirates. He joins the pirates, gaining the name "Sakr-el-Bahr", the hawk of the sea, and swears vengeance against his brother.

The well-known 1940 film The Sea Hawk was originally planned as an adaptation of Sabatini's novel, but an entirely different story was substituted under the same title. An adventurous and dashing pirate Geoffrey Thorpe, played by Errol Flynn, feels that he should pirate Spanish ships for the good of England.

The silent film adaptation of the film from 1924, starring Milton Sills, was fairly faithful to Sabatini's plot.

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