The House of Dr. Edwardes

The House of Dr. Edwardes (1927)

Novel: The House of Dr. Edwardes ()
Published/Performed: 1927

Author: Hilary St. George Sanders and John Palmer
Born: Jan 14, 1898 Clifton, Bedfordshire, England
Passed: Dec 16, 1951 Nassau, Bahamas

Film: Spellbound
Released: 1945

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About the Novel The House of Dr. Edwardes:

The House of Dr. Edwardes is a psychological thriller novel written by John Palmer (4 September 1885 ? 5 August 1944) and Hilary A. Saunders (14 January 1898 ? 16 December 1951), under the pseudonym "Francis Beeding".

The plot concerns a psychiatrist at an asylum which is about to get a new director. The new man is attracted to Dr. Constance Sedgwick, who discovers eventually that he is not what he claims to be.

The novel was adapted to film in 1945 as Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound.

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