Anastasia (1954)

Play: Anastasia (Lyceum Theatre, NY )
Published/Performed: Dec 29, 1954 - Sep 24, 1955

Author: Marcelle Maurette
Born: unknown,
Passed: unknown,

Film: Anastasia
Released: 1956

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About the Play Anastasia:

The 1956 movie, Anastasia, was adapted by Guy Bolton and Arthur Laurents from the 1954 play of the same name by Bolton and Marcelle Maurette. They play ran on Broadway at the Lyceum Theatre from Dec 29, 1954 - Sep 24, 1955. The structure of the play can still be detected in the static settings and theatrical "scenes" of the cinematic version, which has additional, essentially decorative ball scenes.

The film marked Bergman's return to Hollywood after several years working with her then-husband, Roberto Rossellini, in Italy. Anastasia won her an Academy Award for Best Actress, the second of three Oscars she would receive. The musical score from the film was also nominated for an Academy Award for Original Music Score and was popular after the film's release.

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