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Sergeant Rutledge (1960): Starring Woody Strode

4 Star Films Posted by 4 Star Film Fan on Jan 8, 2021

“It’s alright for Mr. Lincoln to say we’re free, but that ain’t so. Maybe someday, but not yet.” – Sergeant Rutledge Sergeant Rutledge rarely gets talked about with the greatest westerns or even the greatest westerns of John Ford. Without getting overly effusive read more

Woody Strode

Noir and Chick Flicks Posted by Dawn on Aug 5, 2010

Woody Strode, was a decathlete and football star who went on to become a pioneering African-American film actor. He is probably best remembered for his brief Golden Globe-nominated role in Spartacus (1960).Strode made his first film performance in the film, in Sundown (1941). Playing on TCM: Saturd read more

SUtS: Woody Strode

True Classics Posted by Brandie on Aug 4, 2010

Woody Strode, a statuesque African-American film actor whose career spanned the 1940s and lasted until his death in 1994, worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood during his fifty-odd years as a working actor. Yet he remains relatively unknown to the general public today. He never reached read more