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City Streets (1931, Rouben Mamoulian)

The Stop Button Posted by on Apr 29, 2020

The first third of City Streets is this awesome bit of experimenting from director Mamoulian as he tries to figure out how to make a sound picture. Lots of great shots and camera setups, usually with too dawdling cuts. William Shea holds everything just a few seconds too long. But the montage image read more

Becky Sharp (Rouben Mamoulian, 1935)

Movie Classics Posted by Judy on Jan 22, 2015

This is my contribution to the Miriam Hopkins Blogathon, which is running from January 22 to 25. Please do visit and read the other postings!  I’ll admit I expected a lot from Becky Sharp. It has a great star, Miriam Hopkins, in a powerful role giving her plenty of scope, and a great director read more

Rouben Mamoulian’s RINGS ON HER FINGERS (1942)

Cinematically Insane Posted by Will McKinley on Jul 26, 2012

Rouben Mamoulian’s RINGS ON HER FINGERS (1942)  has been one of the most pleasant surprises of the year for me, classic-film-wise. I reviewed the new DVD from the Twentieth Century Fox Cinema Archives Collection for Cinema Sentries this week, and I’m still thinking about how much I enjoy read more