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On DVD: Preston Foster as a Suave Gentleman Thief in Double Danger (1938)

Classic Movies Posted by KC on Sep 24, 2019

I’ve been a big fan of actor and singer Preston Foster ever since I saw his brooding performance opposite Belita in the ice skating noir The Hunted (1948). He’s got an unusually low-key presence: charming, lightly flirtatious, always in control, but never raising his voice and rarely thr read more

Inside Job (1946) with Preston Foster

Classic Film Freak Posted by Orson De Welles on Nov 26, 2015

Share This! At a mere 65 minutes, you’d think it would be challenging for a film to be overly bad. Even a modicum of plot should be able to sustain a single hour’s worth of celluloid, right? Usually, yes. But not always. Which brings us to 1946’s Inside Job, which in spite of the a read more