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Rare Musicals on TCM – June 2015

The Vintage Cameo Posted by Emily on Jun 1, 2015

Lots of stuff going on on TCM this month, thanks to a few salutes to musical stars, some nice picks by guest programmers, and some fun daily themes. See below for MacDonald and Eddy, Joan Davis, Eleanor Powell, Don Ameche, and more! Monday, June 1 5:00pm / Balalaika (1939) Operetta featuring Nelson read more

Rare Musicals on TCM – May 2015

The Vintage Cameo Posted by Emily on May 6, 2015

A nice variety of musicals on TCM this month, including a few famous flops alongside some beloved classics. Click away for MacDonald and Eddy, Joan Crawford, Doris Day, Gene Kelly, Irene Dunne, Mario Lanza, and more! Eva Bartok and Dean Martin in TEN THOUSAND BEDROOMS Monday May 4 8:00am / Happy read more

It Happened One Night: Blueprint of Romantic Comedy

The Vintage Cameo Posted by Emily on Apr 29, 2015

Some classic movies sound good in theory, yet tend to wallow on Must See lists and Netflix queues rather than actual screens, as the timing may just never feel quite right to sit down and watch a heady 3 hour epic or a cerebral foreign drama. And then there are movies like It Happened One Night, whi read more

In Defense of Lina Lamont

The Vintage Cameo Posted by Emily on Apr 15, 2015

Ahem. Imagine, if you will, the following scenario: You’re an actress in the early, rough-and-tumble days of silent film, a pioneer on the forefront of a burgeoning industry. You’re already popular enough that you’re used to random visitors demanding attention from you on the set, read more

Busby Berkeley: Before and After The Code

The Vintage Cameo Posted by Emily on Apr 5, 2015

This post is a (belated!) entry to the Pre-Code Blogathon, hosted by Pre-Code.com and Shadows & Satin! Check this post for links to all the punctual entries. A lot of times when I’m thinking about the Code, I tend to oversimplify it into a distinct “before” and “after; read more

Athena (1954)

The Vintage Cameo Posted by Emily on Mar 20, 2015

When you start to watch a musical made in 1954, starring Jane Powell and Debbie Reynolds, with the same songwriters as Meet Me in St. Louis, you might think you have a pretty solid concept of what’s to come before you’ve even hit play. But that’s not quite the case with Athena, a read more

Musicals at the TCM Film Festival

The Vintage Cameo Posted by Emily on Mar 13, 2015

I’m delighted to be heading to the TCM Film Festival once again this year, marking my third official trip to the fest—and second year with all the access that a coveted Classic pass provides! This year’s theme is “History According to Hollywood,” which, at another festival, read more

Cinemascope Blogathon: The Long, Hot Summer

The Vintage Cameo Posted by Emily on Mar 12, 2015

This post is part of the Cinemascope Blogathon, hosted by Wide Screen World and Classic Becky Brain Food. More widescreen goodness continues through March 16th—check out the whole schedule here! The Long, Hot Summer is a sticky Southern drama based on a combination of works by William Faulkner. It&# read more

31 Days of Oscar: Women Director Snubs

The Vintage Cameo Posted by Emily on Feb 10, 2015

This post is part of the 31 Days of Oscar Blogathon, hosted by Paula’s Cinema Club, Outspoken & Freckled, and Once Upon A Screen. Check out all the posts here! Women have been a part of the film industry since the very beginning, yet looking at the list of Oscar nominees throughout history read more

Night on Broadway: Celebrating DTLA’s Movie Palace Legacy

The Vintage Cameo Posted by Emily on Feb 2, 2015

United Artists Theatre, opened in 1926 Downtown Los Angeles has seen a lot of change and transformation within this past century—and quite a bit even just in the past few years. The street was home to the first and largest theater and cinema district in the country, including twelve that still exist read more

Rare Musicals on TCM – February 2015

The Vintage Cameo Posted by Emily on Jan 30, 2015

Short and sweet this month, though not for any lack of musicals—within a span of about a week alone, you can catch An American in Paris, Funny Girl, or Fame on TCM! The flip side is that the “rarities” are a little scarcer for my purposes here, due to the annual Oscar history celebration read more

Royal Wedding (1951)

The Vintage Cameo Posted by Emily on Jan 29, 2015

Royal Wedding has an astoundingly formidable pedigree within the world of classic musicals: it boasts two featured dance numbers in That’s Entertainment, a cast that includes Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, and Peter Lawford, and a director (Stanley Donen) who was smack dab between directing On the read more

Happy Holidays from Bing and Frank (1957)

The Vintage Cameo Posted by Emily on Dec 12, 2014

GetTV kicked off the holiday season earlier this month with “Happy Holidays from Bing and Frank,” the 1957 Christmas episode from the “Frank Sinatra Show”—airing again tonight in celebration of Sinatra’s 99th birthday. It’s a charming, if slightly bizarre, holiday read more

Rare Musicals on TCM – December 2014

The Vintage Cameo Posted by Emily on Dec 1, 2014

Welcome to December, y’all! It’s been quiet here for the past couple months, but I think things have settled down a bit for me, so I should be around more starting now… with hopefully some fun stuff coming on the horizon. I can never miss one of my rare musical posts though, and read more

Rare Musicals on TCM – October 2014

The Vintage Cameo Posted by Emily on Nov 3, 2014

This month features a few theme nights that play into my strengths—namely, some Eleanor Powell and Bob Hope flicks. There’s a lot of other interesting stuff, featuring some of the biggest names in musicals, so let’s get to it! Tuesday November 4 12:45am / The Seven Little Foys (1955) read more

Hispanic Blogathon: Katy Jurado

The Vintage Cameo Posted by Emily on Oct 10, 2014

Her name was María Cristina Estela Marcela Jurado García, but to Hollywood, she was just Katy Jurado. She was the first Latina woman to win a Golden Globe award—and the first to be nominated for an Oscar. Katy was a trailblazer for Latina women in the industry, but, in spite of friendships and read more

Rare Musicals on TCM – October 2014

The Vintage Cameo Posted by Emily on Oct 3, 2014

I’d kind of assumed that with all the wonderful ghosty-themed programming going on over TCM this month, they wouldn’t have time to also fit in a bounty of musicals, but somehow they did! In fact, they’re so rare that I’ve seen almost none of them, and will have to leave you t read more

All Ashore (1953)

The Vintage Cameo Posted by Emily on Sep 4, 2014

It’s no secret that I love a good sailor musical, so when I caught wind of the getTV Mickey Rooney Blogathon, hosted by Once Upon a Screen, Outspoken & Freckled and Paula’s Cinema Club, it took only a moment’s perusal of the channel’s upcoming schedule to make my pick: All read more

The 87th Annual Valentino Memorial Service

The Vintage Cameo Posted by Emily on Aug 28, 2014

When Rudolph Valentino died in 1926 at the age of 31, he left in his wake a massive audience of heartbroken fans—and one of those tragic, inherently private situations that the Hollywood spectacle machine enjoys stoking the most. For days before the final report of his passing, newspapers had offere read more

1984-a-thon: Purple Rain (1984)

The Vintage Cameo Posted by Emily on Aug 24, 2014

By the 1980s, the movie musical was… well, far beyond the time of transition. Since their heyday in the ’30s and ’40s, musicals had become limited to just a handful of movies per year, without a lot to choose from—Disney films for kids, pop hits designed to sell soundtracks, the read more