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Dueling Harlows: Race to the Silver Screen

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Dec 12, 2011

Back in March when I was trying to think of posts for the The Kitty Packard Pictorial’s Jean Harlow blogathon, I considered writing about one of the two Jean Harlow biopics that were released in 1965. At the time, all I knew about the two movies is that they were both titled “Harlow read more

Madam Satan (1930)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Nov 30, 2011

Angela Brooks (Kay Johnson) is happily married to Bob (Reginald Denny), but unfortunately, she soon finds out that Bob isn’t as happy with their marriage.  After a wild night of partying with his friend Jimmy (Roland Young), Angela sees that their antics had made the newspaper.  Only the arti read more

Cleopatra (1934) (1)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Nov 29, 2011

After being kidnapped and forced out of Egypt, left to die in the desert, Cleopatra (Claudette Colbert) turns to the only person she knows can help her — Julius Caesar (Warren William).  She makes her way to see Caesar and just as he is about to officially support her brother Ptolemy over Cleo read more

Welcome Back, Robert!

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Nov 29, 2011

In  case you haven’t already heard, Robert Osborne will be returning to TCM on December 1st!  I know I’m eagerly awaiting his return!  The name of the network may be Turner Classic Movies, but it might as well be Osborne Classic Movies because it just isn’t the same without him.  read more

What’s on TCM: December 2011

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Nov 28, 2011

We’re down to the last month of 2011 already!  TCM will be closing out the year in top form.  December’s star of the month is William Powell, which I am very excited about since I’m a big fan of his.  It also means we get two nights of movies featuring him with Myrna Loy, one nigh read more

The Smiling Lieutenant (1931)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Nov 28, 2011

Niki von Preyn (Maurice Chevalier) is a Lieutenant in the Austrian Royal Guard.  One night, Max (Charlie Ruggles) asks Niki to join him at the beer garden to see Franzi (Claudette Colbert), a violin player, perform.  Even though Max is married, he’s got a thing for Franzi and thinks that havi read more

Flying Down to Rio (1933) (1)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Nov 27, 2011

Band leader Roger Bond (Gene Raymond) is a notorious womanizer.  While his band is playing in Miami, the lovely Belinha De Rezenda (Dolores del Rio) catches his eye and isn’t about to let the hotel’s rule about staff not fraternizing with guests stand in his way.  Fred Ayers (Fred Astai read more

Paid (1930)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Nov 26, 2011

When Mary Turner (Joan Crawford) is unjustly accused of stealing from her workplace, she’s sentenced to three years in jail.  But she isn’t about to go down without a fight and vows to make her boss Edward Gilder (Purnell Pratt) pay for what he’s done to her.  Mary spends her time read more

Taxi! (1932) (1)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Nov 25, 2011

The taxi business can get pretty cutthroat in New York City.  Pop Riley (Guy Kibbee) is an independent cabbie who for the past six years has laid claim to a choice corner outside of the restaurant where his daughter Sue (Loretta Yong) works as a waitress.  When rival Consolidated Cab Company decides read more

So Big! (1932) (1)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Nov 24, 2011

As a young girl, it looks like Selina Peake (Barbara Stawnyck) has got the life.  Her father is well off and he sends her to one of the best finishing schools in Chicago.  That all changes when her father suddenly dies and leaves her with no money to support herself.  With some help from her friends read more

I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932) (1)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Nov 23, 2011

Like many men returning from World War I, James Allen (Paul Muni) finds himself a changed man. He has a factory job to come home to, but he can’t deal with the environment anymore and decides to leave home and get into the construction business.  He travels from city to city in search of work read more

Heroes For Sale (1933) (1)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Nov 22, 2011

During World War I, Tom Holmes (Richard Barthelmess) goes off to fight with his hometown friend Roger Winston (Gordon Westcott).  At one point, Roger is supposed to undertake a risky maneuver to capture a German prisoner.  When it comes time to go through with it, Roger is paralyzed with fear and read more

Private Lives (1931)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Nov 21, 2011

The phrase “happily divorced” is one that easily applies to Amanda (Norma Shearer) and Elyot (Robert Montgomery).  Their marriage was extremely volatile, but now that they’re divorced (and thrilled to be rid of each other), they’ve both moved on and remarried; Amanda to Vict read more

Employees’ Entrance (1933) (1)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Nov 20, 2011

For Kurt Anderson (Warren William), Franklin Monroe department store is his life.  He’s the manager and doesn’t think twice about dismissing anyone he thinks isn’t helping the store reach its full potential, no matter how damaging it is to the other person.  When an up-and-coming read more

Beast of the City (1932)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Nov 19, 2011

Jim Fitzpatrick (Walter Huston) seems to be living the all-American dream life.  He’s got a wife, children, a nice home, a good job as a police officer, and a close relationship with his brother and fellow cop Ed (Wallace Ford).  Jim takes his job very seriously, especially when it comes to read more

Female (1933) (1)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Nov 18, 2011

Alison Drake (Ruth Chatterton) is a woman with no interest at all in conforming to stereotypical expectations of women.  Rather than being a secretary or a shopgirl, she is perfectly happy running her father’s car company.  She runs a tight ship, but it doesn’t leave her much time for read more

Arsène Lupin (1932)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Nov 17, 2011

Detective Guerchard (Lionel Barrymore) is hard at work tracking down the burglar Arsène Lupin, who has been stealing his way across Paris.  When a robbery is reported at the home of Gaston Gourney-Martin (Tully Marshall), the police immediately suspect that Arsène Lupin has struck again and hurry read more

My Week With Marilyn (2011)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Nov 16, 2011

Anyone will tell you that the hardest part of the movie industry is getting your foot in the door.  Things are no different for 23 year old Colin Clark (Eddie Redmayne).  He desperately wants to work in the film industry and eagerly waits around the offices of Laurence Olivier’s (Kenneth Brana read more

I’m No Angel (1933)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Nov 16, 2011

Tira (Mae West) is a circus sideshow burlesque performer, but Tira loves the finer things in life and you can’t buy diamonds and furs on a sideshow performer’s salary.  But if she can’t buy them herself, she has no issues with doing the next best thing: hopping from one rich man t read more

Love is a Racket (1932) (1)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Nov 15, 2011

It’s never a good idea to give too much of yourself in a relationship, and that’s a lesson newspaper columnist Jimmy Russell (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.) is about to find out the hard way.  He’s in love with aspiring actress Mary Wodehouse (Frances Dee), and since he writes the Broadw read more