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Son of Fury: The Story of Benjamin Blake (1942)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Apr 11, 2012

After the death of his parents, Benjamin Blake (Roddy McDowall as a child, Tyrone Power as an adult) goes to live with his kind grandfather.  His father was the Baronet of Breetholm, but Benjamin doesn’t inherit the estate that is rightfully his.  Because of some debate over whether or not Ben read more

If I Could Program One Day… (1)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Apr 1, 2012

A while back, a friend of mine challenged some of his movie buff friends to come up with a schedule of movies that they would pick if, in fantasy world, you were given the chance to program one full day of movies on TCM.  Just for fun, I thought I’d post my choices here: 6:00 AM: Footlight Par read more

What’s on TCM: April 2012

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Mar 28, 2012

Happy April, everybody!  TCM has a pretty fun schedule this month, but it’s organized a little differently than usual.  Usually things like the Star of the Month nights get one night each week.  But this month, those nights are all in one week from Monday to Friday.  Doris Day is the April read more

Middle of the Night (1959)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Mar 25, 2012

A few years after the death of his wife, Jerry Kingsley (Fredric March) has resigned himself to a life of loneliness.  He’s 56 years old, his children are grown, he lives with his sister, and he works too hard at the clothing company he owns.  But Jerry finds some brightness in his life one read more

My Local Joan Crawford Connection

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Mar 20, 2012

About a year and a half ago, while I was reading Possessed: The Life of Joan Crawford, I discovered that I had a local connection to Joan Crawford.  I’d known that while Joan was trying to get started as a chorus girl, she had a brief stint dancing in a club in Detroit, but I didn’t know read more


Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Mar 13, 2012

The 7×7 meme has been making its way around the blogosphere lately, and now that Brandie from True Classics has tagged me, it’s my turn to play!  Thanks, Brandie!  If you don’t know how this works, here are the rules: Something No One Else Knows About:  When I publish new posts, read more

The Death and Afterlife of Rudolph Valentino

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Mar 10, 2012

In 1926, it looked like Rudolph Valentino was back on track to reclaiming his title as one of the top stars of the silent screen. The last few years of his career had been riddled with studio contract disputes and box office disappointments. But then he started a new contract with United Artists a read more

Judy Holliday: “Adam’s Rib” Scene Stealer

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Mar 9, 2012

When you think of the movie Adam’s Rib, odds are the first people who will come to mind are Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.  But as delightful as Tracy and Hepburn are, I think Adam’s Rib has one of my favorite supporting casts ever.  It’s got Jean Hagen in her film debut, To read more

What’s on TCM: March 2012

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Feb 27, 2012

Happy March, everybody!  There are plenty of things I’m looking forward to on TCM this month!  First of all, there’s the tail end of 31 Days of Oscars.  The end of 31 Days of Oscars means the return of Silent Sunday Nights, and it’s back with some excellent silents.  Lovers of read more

Homer Simpson: Katharine Hepburn Fan

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Feb 20, 2012

In Simpsons episode 1F02, “Homer Goes to College,” Homer is found to be grossly under-qualified for his job and is ordered to go to college and pass Nuclear Physics 101.  In this scene, Lisa tries to help Homer fill out his college applications: Lisa: “Dad, don’t let these read more

An Evening With Kerry Kelly Novick

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Feb 10, 2012

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of attending a presentation on the life and career of Gene Kelly at the Detroit Opera House as part of a series they’re hosting about dance in film. But this wasn’t just any ordinary presentation, it was given by someone very near and dear to Gene read more

The Hollywood Revue Turns 2!

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Feb 1, 2012

Today marks my second blogaversary!  My second year of blogging was even better than my first.  Over the past year, I’ve had a wonderful time with events like Blogging Under the Stars, 30 Days of Pre-Codes, hosting the Fashion in Film blogathon, and participating in blogathons like the Loving read more

What’s on TCM: February 2012

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Jan 27, 2012

It’s already time for yet another round of TCM’s 31 Days of Oscar!  I’ve reached a point where I’ve been watching 31 Days of Oscar for so long that I’m not seeing as much stuff that’s new to me, but as always, there are a lot of great movies I’m looking for read more

Movies That Could Have Been: The March of Time (1930)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Jan 9, 2012

Recently, I had the pleasure of revisiting the That’s Entertainment! trilogy.  As much as I love the first That’s Entertainment!, I love how much rare footage is featured in part three.  One of the movies discussed in part three is an abandoned project from 1930 called The March of Time. read more

The V.I.P.s (1963)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Jan 4, 2012

On any given day, you’re bound to encounter all sorts of characters at an airport.  On this particular day, it seems that all the drama is happening in the V.I.P. lounge of Heathrow Airport.  Movie director Max Buda (Orson Welles) is there with aspiring actress Gloria Gritti (Elsa Martinelli), read more

What’s on TCM: January 2012

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Dec 30, 2011

Happy 2012, everybody! January is, as always, chock full of good stuff on TCM.  The first star of the month in 2012 is Angela Lansbury and her movies can be seen every Wednesday night this month.  Every Thursday night will be dedicated to showcasing the work of cinematographer Jack Cardiff.  With read more

The Artist (2011) (1)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Dec 27, 2011

In 1927, George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) is world famous as one of the biggest movie stars around. After the premiere of his latest film, he steps outside to greet the crowd of adoring fans and ends up having a run-in with fan Peppy Miller (Bérénice Bejo). Their encounter is photographed by the read more

Merry Christmas! (1)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Dec 25, 2011

Just wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas!  And now, for my favorite non-traditional Christmas song…Bette Navidad! read more

Book Vs. Movie: The Maltese Falcon

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Dec 24, 2011

When you have more than one screen adaptation of a novel, usually one is more faithful to the novel than the other.  However, in the case of The Maltese Falcon, it has two pretty accurate adaptations.  The first version, released in 1931 and stars Ricardo Cortez, Thelma Todd, and Bebe Daniels, does read more

Hugo (2011) (1)

Hollywood Revue Posted by Angela on Dec 14, 2011

In 1931 Paris, a young orphaned boy named Hugo Cabret (Asa Butterfield) lives inside a train station’s walls and because he knows all about fixing clocks, he takes care of the station’s clocks.  When Hugo is caught stealing spare parts from Georges (Ben Kingsley), who runs a toy booth in read more