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Jaws song

The Stop Button Posted by on Feb 1, 2019

I’ve run The Stop Button at various levels of pretentiousness over the years. So not having star ratings was something I thought about a lot. For whatever reason, whether someone I knew who liked movies was LaserDisc level or just someone who respected OAR (even if they still watched P&S) read more

Jaws: The Revenge (1987, Joseph Sargent), the international version

The Stop Button Posted by Andrew Wickliffe on Jul 4, 2016

If only there were something remarkable about Jaws: The Revenge. Just one thing terrible enough about it to make it somehow interesting. Jaws: The Revenge is unremarkably bad in its unremarkable badness. As the opening titles rolled, with shark POV of a New England harbor, I wanted it to be some ki read more