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Flood Tide ( 1958 )

Silver Scenes - A Blog for Classic Film Lovers Posted by The Metzinger Sisters on Dec 30, 2020

Behind the mask of innocence.....murder! Universal Pictures made a number of good melodramas in the late 1950s that have fallen into obscurity today, one of which was Flood Tide ( 1958 ) starring George Nader. It's similar to The Bad Seed ( 1956 ) with its main antagonist being a child, but ins read more

Flood Tide (1958)

Noirish Posted by John Grant on Nov 28, 2015

  US / 82 minutes / bw / Universal–International Dir: Abner Biberman Pr: Robert Arthur Scr: Dorothy Cooper Story: Barry Trivers Cine: Arthur E. Arling Cast: George Nader, Cornell Borchers, Michel Ray, Judson Pratt, Joanna Moore, Charles E. Arnt, Russ Conway, John Morley, John Maxwell, Carl Bens read more