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The Tiger's Trail

The Tiger's Trail (1919)

Don't Change Your Husband

Don't Change Your Husband (1919)

Delicious Little Devil

Delicious Little Devil (1919)

The Probation Wife

The Probation Wife (1919)

The Heart of Wetona

The Heart of Wetona (1919)

The Turn in the Road

The Turn in the Road (1919)

Poor Relations

Poor Relations (1919)

Camping Out

Camping Out (1919)

The Pullman Porter

The Pullman Porter (1919)

The Bank Clerk

The Bank Clerk (1919)

A Desert Hero

A Desert Hero (1919)

Hop, the Bellhop

Hop, the Bellhop (1919)

Hearts in Hock

Hearts in Hock (1919)

Dull Care

Dull Care (1919)

The Head Waiter

The Head Waiter (1919)

In Old Kentucky

In Old Kentucky (1919)

The Unpardonable Sin

The Unpardonable Sin (1919)

Love's Prisoner

Love's Prisoner (1919)

The Son-of-a-Gun

The Son-of-a-Gun (1919)

Dangerous Hours

Dangerous Hours (1919)

Master of Love

Master of Love (1919)


Harakiri (1919)

The Four-Bit Man

The Four-Bit Man (1919)

The Jack of Hearts

The Jack of Hearts (1919)