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You Can't Take It With You Overview:

You Can't Take It With You (1938) was a Comedy - Romance Film directed by Frank Capra and produced by Frank Capra.

The film was based on the play of the same name written by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart performed at the Booth Theatre, NY & Imperial Theatre, NY from Dec 14, 1936 - Dec 3, 1938.

Academy Awards 1938 --- Ceremony Number 11 (source: AMPAS)

Best Supporting ActressSpring ByingtonNominated
Best CinematographyJoseph WalkerNominated
Best DirectorFrank CapraWon
Best Film EditingGene HavlickNominated
Best PictureColumbiaWon
Best WritingRobert RiskinNominated

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Quotes from

Wilbur G. Henderson (Internal Revenue Department):: Now Mr. Vanderhoff, that's a very serious thing, not filing an income tax return.
Grandpa Vanderhoff: Well, now suppose I do pay you this money? Mind you, I don't say that I'm going to, but just for the sake of argument -- what's the government going to do with it?
Wilbur G. Henderson (Internal Revenue Department):: What do you mean?
Grandpa Vanderhoff: Well, what do I get for MY money? For instance, if I go into a dept store and buy something, why there it is, I can see it. What are they going to give me?

Grandpa Vanderhoff: (talking about his wife, Alice's grandma) Oh, nothing phenominal about it. I just had it bad, that's all. I never got over it either. Right up to the very last, she couldn't walk into a room without my heart going thump, thump, thump.

Grandpa Vanderhoff: This was her room too. Did you ever notice the peculiar fragrance?
Alice Sycamore: Yes, but I never knew what it was.
Grandpa Vanderhoff: It's hers. It's never left here -- she hasn't either. I can still hear the tinkle of her thin little voice -- see her eyes laughing. That's the reason I've lived in this house so many years -- could never move out -- would be like moving out on grandma.

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Facts about

Shortly before filming began, Lionel Barrymore lost the use of his legs to crippling arthritis and a hip injury. To accommodate him, the script was altered so that his character had a sprained ankle, and Barrymore did the film on crutches.
Ann Miller once said that doing the ballet moves for this movie were extremely painful and she would often be crying in between takes. She never told anybody the reason why and James Stewart, assuming she was upset about something, would have boxes of candy sent to her to make her feel better.
A 1938 feature film usually ran to 8,000 feet of film. Frank Capra shot 329,000 feet for this one.
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