They Shoot Horses, Don't They? Overview:

They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (1969) was a Drama - Film Adaptation Film directed by Sydney Pollack and produced by Robert Chartoff, Irwin Winkler, Johnny Green and Theodore B. Sills.

The film was based on the novel of the same name written by Horace McCoy published in 1935.

Academy Awards 1969 --- Ceremony Number 42 (source: AMPAS)

Best Supporting ActorGig YoungWon
Best ActressJane FondaNominated
Best Supporting ActressSusannah YorkNominated
Best Art DirectionArt Direction: Harry Horner; Set Decoration: Frank McKelvyNominated
Best Costume DesignDonfeldNominated
Best DirectorSydney PollackNominated
Best Film EditingFredric SteinkampNominated
Best Music - ScoringAdaptation score by John Green and Albert WoodburyNominated
Best WritingJames Poe, Robert E. ThompsonNominated

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Quotes from

[final scene]
Robert: [standing outside looking at the ocean] I used to love to look at he ocean, walk by it, just sit and listen to it. Now I don't care if I ever see it again.
Gloria Beatty: That, or anything else.
Robert: What are you gonna do know? Try in the movies again?
Gloria Beatty: No. I'd never make it. And maybe it wouldn't make no difference, even if I did. Maybe it's just the whole damn world is like central casting: They got it all rigged before you ever show up.
Robert: I know what you mean. I know just what you mean.
Gloria Beatty: Do you?
Robert: What *are* you gonna do?
Gloria Beatty: I'm gonna get off this merry-go-round. I'm so sick of all sticky things.
Robert: What thing?
Gloria Beatty: Life. And don't give me no sunshine lectures!
Robert: I wasn't going to.
Gloria Beatty: Then what were you looking at me that way for?
Robert: I wasn't, I was just tryin to see you face.
Gloria Beatty: Well keep looking. And stick around for the end.
[She takes out a gun and tries to shot herself but is not able to do it]
Gloria Beatty: Help me! Oh please, *please*!
Robert: [He takes the gun] Tell me when.
Gloria Beatty: I'm ready.
Robert: [He holds the gun to her temple] Now?
Gloria Beatty: Now.
[He shoots her]

Rocky: I may not know a winner when I see one, but I sure as hell can spot a loser.

Gloria Beatty: Maybe it's just the whole world is like central casting. They got it all rigged before you ever show up.

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Facts about

Two of the couples are sponsored by Winkler's Travel Agency and Sills Collection Agency. Irwin Winkler and Theodore B. Sills are among the producers of the film.
Holds the record for the movie with the most Academy Award nominations without a nomination for Best Picture: 9.
Received the most competitive Academy Award nominations (9) without being nominated for Best Picture.
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