Director(s)Chuck Jones, Maurice Noble
Producer(s)Chuck Jones
Top GenresAnimation, Comedy, Family, Romance
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The Dot and the Line (1965) was a Animation Film directed by Chuck Jones and Maurice Noble and produced by Chuck Jones.

Academy Awards 1965 --- Ceremony Number 38 (source: AMPAS)

Best Animated Short FilmChuck Jones and Les Goldman, ProducersWon

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After Warner Bros. terminated his long-term contract in 1962, Chuck Jones moved on to MGM, producing a series of cartoons featuring that studio’s famed pair, Tom and Jerry. Jones’ time wasn’t completely consumed by the antics of the cat and mouse, however; the animator/director wor... Read full article

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The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics, is a book written and illustrated by Norton Juster, published by Random House in 1963. The story was inspired by Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, in which the protagonist visits a one-dimensional universe called Lineland, where women are d... Read full article

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[Last lines]
Narrator: And with that, she turned to the line ane held his hand. "Do the one with the funny curves again," she cooed, softly. So he did, and soon they did, and lived if not happily ever after, at least reasonably so.
Narrator: The dot wondered why she didn't notice how hairy and coarse he was, how unrefined and graceless, and how he mispronounced his L's and picked his ear. And suddenly she realized that what she thought was freedom and joy was nothing but anarchy and sloth. "You are as meaningless as a melon," she said cooly. "Undefined, unkempt and unaccountable, insignificant, indeterminate, and inadvertent, out of shape, out of order, out of place, and out of luck."

[first lines]
Narrator: Once upon a time there was a sensible, straight line, who was hopelessly in love, with a dot.

Narrator: So he tried and failed and tried again, and then, when he had almost lost hope, he found that he could change direction and bend wherever he chose. So he did, and made... an angle. And then again, and made another, and then another, and then another, and then another, and then another. "Hot stuff!", he shouted. Much impressed by his prowess, he set up half the night creating a wild display of bends, sides and angles. "Freedom is not a license for chaos," he observed the next morning. "Oh, what a head!" And right there and then he decided not to squander his talents on cheap exhibitionism.

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To give the squiggle an unkempt appearance, the animation drawings were inked on rice paper. The ink bled, creating a textured line that was then Xeroxed onto cel.
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Best Animated Short Film Oscar 1965

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