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The Comedy of Terrors (1964) was a Comedy - Horror Film directed by Jacques Tourneur .

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Felix Gillie: [to Mr. Trumbull, referring to Mr. Black] I don't think he's quite dead enough to bury.

John F. Black, Esq.: [who has just awakened from a cataleptic trance in the mortuary basement] Mr. Trumbull... this man... what am I doing here?
Waldo Trumbull: [who has recovered from his shock] Well, you're here because you;'re dead, Mr. Black.
John F. Black, Esq.: The hell I am!
Waldo Trumbull: Oh yes, Mr. Black, quite dead. Everybody knows it... except apparently you.
John F. Black, Esq.: What jiggery-pockery is this?
Waldo Trumbull: Oh, not jiggery-pockery, Mr. Black. Hinchley and Trumbull, Funeral Parlor.
John F. Black, Esq.: [realizing what Trumbull means] You wouldn't dare!
Waldo Trumbull: [pause, then] Have we a choice, Mr. Black?

Waldo Trumbull: Get away from me!
Amaryllis Trumbull: Am I so repulsive?
Waldo Trumbull: That's the word, yes.
Amaryllis Trumbull: Couldn't you find it in your heart to love me, Waldo?
Waldo Trumbull: Get up, you're sitting on my money!
Amaryllis Trumbull: So you reject me?
Waldo Trumbull: As long as there's liquor in the house!

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Completed September 1963.
Boris Karloff was originally hired to play John F. Black but it soon became clear that his severe arthritis would not permit him to undertake such a strenuous role. Karloff was switched to the part of Mr. Hinchley, and Basil Rathbone was brought in to play Black.
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Also directed by Jacques Tourneur

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