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Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969) was a Comedy - Western Film directed by Burt Kennedy and produced by William Bowers and Bill Finnegan.

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on Feb 13, 2019 From Caftan Woman

The First Annual Valentine's Day Meet-Cute Blogathon is the brainchild of Phyllis Loves Classic Movies. Click HERE for all the wonderful movie moments. The cliches of even the finest westerns lend themselves to kidding, and fans are always up for a laugh. Writer/director Burt Kennedy (Seven Men ... Read full article

Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969)

By Lindsey on Mar 5, 2012 From The Motion Pictures

Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969): 3/5 Support Your Local Sheriff! is a bit out of my film comfort zone. I’ve watched quite a few westerns, but it’s far from my favorite genre and I don’t watch them very frequently. So I decided to watch this on a bit of a whim. It was taped as a ... Read full article

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[after Joe shoots the cardplayer in the saloon, he claims it was self-defense]
Jason McCullough: Well, it may have been a lot of things, but self-defense it wasn't. And he didn't draw first - you did.
Joe Danby: What do you mean by that?
Jason McCullough: Oh, it's an old trick. You did it pretty well - not real well - but pretty well. You feinted with your left shoulder, getting him to go for his gun, while you were goin' for yours with your right hand at the same time. It's an old Arizona trick; but I... I have seen it used as far north as Montana.
Joe Danby: Are you callin' me a liar?
Jason McCullough: Well now, you heard every word I said and I didn't call you a liar. All I said was you feinted him into drawin' with your left shoulder while you were goin' for the gun with the right hand.
Joe Danby: So what?
Jason McCullough: You beat that poor man to the draw. He's dead and you're alive - that's the whole idea of the game, isn't it?
Joe Danby: What's your name?
Jason McCullough: Jason McCullough. What's yours?
Joe Danby: Joe Danby. And you had better remember it.
Jason McCullough: Oh, I'll remember it, Joe. That's about all I'm gonna do the rest of my life is go around rememberin' your name.

Joe Danby: I hear you're gonna try and arrest me. You know you don't look near as tough as some of them other sheriffs we've had lately. Particularly that old boy that done run off about an hour and a half after he took the job.
Jason McCullough: Joe, you just make me feel tired all over when you talk like that.
Joe Danby: Now, what do you mean by that?
Jason McCullough: It's bad enough to have to kill a man without having to listen to a whole lot of stupid talk from him first.

Henry Jackson: We are gathered here today to consign the mortal remains of Millard Frymore... or whatever his name really was. I ain't really got a whole lot to say about Millard because he only rode amongst us two days ago, and was promptly struck down by whatever deadly disease it was struck him down. We can only hope that whatever deadly disease it was, it wasn't particularly contagious. And with that in mind, I suggest we all bow our heads in devout prayer.

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Walter Brennan's part is a spoof of his part in My Darling Clementine, in which he is head of the Clanton clan.
Though not a sequel or related to the original story line, this movie was followed by Support Your Local Gunfighter with most of the cast intact playing similar characters.
The film's title is a parody of a bumper sticker popular around the time it was made, "Support Your Local Police" part of the "law-and-order" movement led by such politicians as Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George Wallace.
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