Sudden Fear Overview:

Sudden Fear (1952) was a Film Noir - Thriller/Suspense Film directed by David Miller and produced by Joan Crawford and Joe Kaufmann.

Academy Awards 1952 --- Ceremony Number 25 (source: AMPAS)

Best Supporting ActorJack PalanceNominated
Best ActressJoan CrawfordNominated
Best CinematographyCharles B. Lang, Jr.Nominated
Best Costume DesignSheila O'BrienNominated

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Sudden Fear

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Quotes from

Lester Blaine: [Stopping short when he sees the drop alongside the staeps of the summer house] Whoa...!
Myra Hudson: What's the matter, Darling?
Lester Blaine: [Frightened] It's a precipice!
Myra Hudson: [laughs] I've been running up and down these steps ever since I was twelve.
Lester Blaine: Don't you ever do it again!
Myra Hudson: Why not? Remember what Nietzsche said: Live dangerously!
Lester Blaine: You know what happened to Nietzsche?
Myra Hudson: What?
Lester Blaine: He's dead!
Myra Hudson: [laughs]

Myra Hudson: Welcome to my home, Lester.
Lester Blaine: It's quite a cozy home.
Myra Hudson: Cozy enough to take your coat off?
Lester Blaine: Delighted.

Myra Hudson: [to Lester] I haven't even got my lipstick on! A woman has to wear lipstick. I'd feel positively naked without it!

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Facts about

Mike Connors first film role.
Marlon Brando was originally offered the role of Lester Blaine
Elmer Bernstein reused portions of his musical score the following year in Robot Monster.
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Best Actress Oscar 1952

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