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Ride Lonesome (1959) was a Western - Action Film directed by Budd Boetticher and produced by Randolph Scott, Harry Joe Brown and Budd Boetticher.

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Ride Lonesome (1959)

By Beatrice on Nov 22, 2016 From Flickers in Time

Ride Lonesome Directed by Budd Boetticher Written by Burt Kennedy 1959/USA Columbia Pictures Corporation/Ranown Pictures Corp. First viewing/Netflix rental #359 of 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die I have really enjoyed working my way through the Budd Boetticher-Randolph Scott Westerns. ?Th... Read full article

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Mrs. Carrie Lane: You don't seem like the kind that would hunt a man for money.
Ben Brigade: I am.

Whit: I'd hate to see you loose your place up Socorro-way. I'd be mighty proud to work for you.
Sam Boone: *Work* for me?
Whit: I plowed when I was young. I ain't much with chickens, but I can slop pigs with the best of 'em.
Sam Boone: Whit, how long you and me been riding together?
Whit: About two years?
Sam Boone: More like *five*.
Whit: So?
Sam Boone: So you ain't gonna be working for me... You're gonna be a partner.
Whit: Partner!
Sam Boone: Right down the middle.
Whit: How come?
Sam Boone: 'Cause I like you, Whit.
Whit: Well, I never knew that!

Frank: [on horseback, in the distance, watching Brigade preparing to hang his brother, Billy] It's me you're after, Brigade. You've got no quarrel with Billy.
Ben Brigade: [referring to his wife, murdered by Frank years ago] What quarrel did you have with her?
Frank: ...That was so long ago, I'd almost forgot.
Ben Brigade: A man can do that.

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Also directed by Budd Boetticher

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Also produced by Randolph Scott

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Also released in 1959

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