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Outward Bound Overview:

Outward Bound (1930) was a Drama - Fantasy Film directed by Robert Milton and produced by Jack L. Warner.

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Pre-Code Corner: Outward Bound?? High Class on the High Seas

By Kim Luperi on Sep 1, 2018 From Classic Movie Hub Blog

Pre-Code Corner: Outward Bound: High Class on the High Seas ?A helluva good picture about heaven!? a September 1930 Variety ad boisterously proclaimed of Outward Bound. Leave it to Warner Brothers to make a surpassingly ethereal, sophisticated picture? and then endorse the hell out of it in a vulgar... Read full article

Pre-Code vs. Post-Code: "Outward Bound" and "Between Two Worlds"

By David on Nov 21, 2015 From The Man on the Flying Trapeze

Sutton Vane's 1923 play "Outward Bound" takes place on a ship sailing to the hereafter, a kind of celestial branch of Carnival Cruise Lines where the passengers find out if their luggage is going to heaven or hell, and them with it. It was an unlikely stage success in London, and the 1924 Broadway p... Read full article

Outward Bound (1930)

By Lindsey on Jun 24, 2013 From The Motion Pictures

A note from Lindsey: I recently reviewed the later film version of this story, Between Two Worlds. I decided to watch and review both versions for comparison (and because I love both Paul Henreid and Leslie Howard). (Image via Outward Bound (1930) is a talkie based on the hit play of... Read full article

Between Two Worlds and Outward Bound: One's a Classic, One's Not

By Rick29 on Sep 2, 2012 From Classic Film & TV Cafe

The following review contains plot spoilers. John Garfield learns his destiny. Long ago, when I could still be surprised by a classic film, I discovered Between Two Worlds on a local TV station. It quickly entranced me with its tale of a mysterious ocean liner drifting through misty waters wit... Read full article

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The play opened in New York on 7 January 1924 and in London on 17 September 1925.
Leslie Howard's first American film. He had appeared in the stage version in London and New York.
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Also produced by Jack L. Warner

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