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Harper (1966) was a Crime - Mystery Film directed by Jack Smight and produced by Elliott Kastner and Jerry Gershwin.

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book: The Lost Man (2018) by Jane Harper

By John Grant on Apr 7, 2019 From Noirish

I hugely enjoyed Jane Harper’s first novel, The Dry, then enjoyed her second, Force of Nature, even more than that. I think her third, The Lost Man, somehow manages to be the best of the three. I’m awestruck by the talents of this UK/Australian author. The setting is the Australian Out... Read full article

O Ca?ador de Aventuras / Harper (1966)

By L? on Sep 16, 2018 From Critica Retro

O Ca?ador de Aventuras / Harper (1966) Um fato pouco conhecido na comunidade de cinema cl?ssico ? que eu queria ser detetive quando era crian?a. OK, esse pode n?o ser um fato relevante para a comunidade de cinema cl?ssico, mas ? importante para este artigo. Quando crian?a, minha ?nica refer?... Read full article

book: Force of Nature (2017) by Jane Harper

By John Grant on Apr 25, 2018 From Noirish

I read Jane Harper’s debut novel The Dry last year and enjoyed it very much, so when I spotted its successor I grabbed it. And quite rightly so, as I discovered: if anything I like Force of Nature the better of the two novels, which is saying something. A Melbourne company sends ten of its em... Read full article

On Blu-ray: Paul Newman is Detective Lew Harper in Harper (1966) and The Drowning Pool (1975)

By KC on Mar 28, 2018 From Classic Movies

Paul Newman took a crack at playing a gumshoe for the first time in Harper (1966), following that success years later with the sequel, The Drowning Pool (1975). This pair of films was inspired by Ross MacDonald’s novels about the detective Lew Archer, which was changed to Harper for the adapt... Read full article

An Interview with Ron Harper on Garrison's Gorillas, Planet of the Apes, and George Burns

By Rick29 on Jul 20, 2015 From Classic Film & TV Cafe

When Ron Harper was performing in plays for fun at Princeton University, Professor Albert Einstein made an impromptu backstage visit. The famous physicist asked Harper about his future career plans. The young man said he planned to be an attorney. Einstein replied: "You'll have a good life if you de... Read full article

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Fay Estabrook: [Traumatized and hyperventilating] You... you've killed him in cold blood!
Lew Harper: And if you don't shut up your yelling, I'll kill you, too!
Fay Estabrook: [Begging for her life] Oh, please don't hurt me! I'll give you anything, everything I own!
Lew Harper: [Dismissively looking poor Fay up and down] Mmmmm, rich choice! I'll take your shoes!

Betty Fraley: hearing Fay banging helplessly on the door of the closet Harper has locked her inside Fay'll get out...
Betty Fraley: dismissively A fat, barefoot alcoholic? Sure she will

Lew Harper: [Eager to get Fay out of the bar and home] Anyway, if I don't get you home soon, I'm going to explode!
Fay Estabrook: [Falling for Archer's flattery] Oh, no don't try to rush me! Let's have another l'il drinkie! Got time for another l'il drinkie, dumpling?
Lew Harper: [Surveying Fay's dumpy body dismissively] Nah! It stiffens up my chewing gum! Anyway, you're too classy for a place like this!
Fay Estabrook: [a sad, far away look in her eyes as if trying to recall the last time someone has been so interested in her] Yeah, I am classy. Not everybody notices...

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Facts about

The opening credits sequence (where Harper makes himself a terrible cup of coffee, among other things) was written and shot after the first cut of the film had already been delivered to the studio.
Paul Newman:  [H]  The character Lew Harper is based on novelist Ross Macdonald's character Lew Archer. The name was changed for the film supposedly because Paul Newman had recently enjoyed success with Hud (one of his many successful films beginning with H) and the producers wanted the movie's title to begin with "H". Also, the Macdonald estate did not want the name "Archer" used in the movie. There may have been fear of legal complications because Macdonald got the name "Archer" in the first place from Miles Archer, Sam Spade's partner who is killed early on in Dashiell Hammett's "The Maltese Falcon."
Average Shot Length = ~8.5 seconds. Median Shot Length = ~7.9 seconds.
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