Director(s)Ishiro Honda
Producer(s)Tomoyuki Tanaka
Top GenresHorror, Science Fiction, Thriller/Suspense
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Godzilla (1954) was a Horror - Science Fiction Film directed by Ishiro Honda and produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka.

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By Dan Day, Jr. on Apr 12, 2021 From The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog

I know what you are thinking--"Dan, there's no way you're going to like this movie. Why even write a blog post on it??" Well, it's what I do. The latest installment of the "Monsterverse"--or the "Monarchverse", or whatever you want to call it--pits Godzilla vs. King Kong. But there's a third party t... Read full article

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019, Michael Dougherty)

on Mar 26, 2020 From The Stop Button

I wonder if, much like that one immortal monkey divining Borges?s dreams and half-dreams at dawn on August 14, 1934, one could assemble a list of all the action beats in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, which are mostly from Aliens and Jurassic Park 1 and 2, and arrange them to figure out the story t... Read full article

Son of Godzilla (1967)

By Beatrice on Sep 3, 2019 From Flickers in Time

Son of Godzilla (Kaijuto no kessen:Gojiro no musuko) Directed by Jun Fukuda Written by Shinichi Sekizawa and Kaue Shinba 1967/Japan Tojo Company First viewing/Criterion Channe This was perfectly entertaining fluff for a day mostly spent packing. Japanese scientists seem to be attracted to isolate... Read full article


By Dan Day, Jr. on Jun 4, 2019 From The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog

The real reason I went to see GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS is that the film features classic Toho kaiju such as King Ghidorah, Rodan, and Mothra. All three monsters are expertly realized here--but the rest of the movie isn't. GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS is a follow-up to the 2014 GODZILLA and ... Read full article

Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster (1966)

By Beatrice on May 28, 2019 From Flickers in Time

Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster (Gojira, Ebira, Mosura: Nankai daiketto) Directed by Jun Fukuda Written by Shinichi Sekizawa 1966/Japan Toho Studios First viewing/Netflix rental Nita: Huh? What can they do with that? Yoshimura: Atom bombs are made with it. Nita: Huh? I’m getting out of here! Th... Read full article

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Kyohei Yamane-hakase: I can't believe that Godzilla was the only surviving member of its species... But if we continue conducting nuclear tests... it's possible that another Godzilla might appear somewhere in the world again.

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The film received a Japanese Academy Award nomination for Best Picture, but lost to Seven Samurai. However, the film did win the award for Best Visual Effects. It is the only Godzilla movie to receive a nomination for Best Picture.
One of the original Godzilla designs was a monster with a head shaped like a mushroom, intended to recall images of mushroom clouds. A sketch of this design can be seen on the special edition "Gojira: The Original Japanese Masterpiece" DVD, and on the 2009 Godzilla Blu-Ray release.
Stop motion animation in the style of King Kong was rejected because of the time it would take and the subsequent cost. Also, according to special effects director, Eiji Tsuburaya, there was simply no one in Japan who was skilled and experienced in doing that kind of stop motion animation.
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