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Flying Tigers (1942) was a Action - Drama Film directed by David Miller and produced by Edmund Grainger.

Academy Awards 1942 --- Ceremony Number 15 (source: AMPAS)

Best Music - ScoringVictor YoungNominated

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Flying Tigers (1942)

By Beatrice on Sep 11, 2014 From Flickers in Time

Flying Tigers Directed by David Miller Written by Kenneth Garnet and Barry Trivers 1942/USA Republic Pictures First viewing/Amazon Instant Video This not a bad movie but come prepared for a representative collection of tropes from every other flight combat movie out there, with some from Only Ange... Read full article

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[after the first sortie]
Jim Gordon: A little rough in spots, Dale, but I think after you've learned a few things about... Dale?
[finds him dead]
Jim Gordon: ... Mike! Take care of Dale, would you? Thanks.

Jim Gordon: [following Hap's medical examination] Come on in, Hap... I gotta hand you one on the chin, but I'd rather it came from me than from anybody else: You're through flying.
Hap Smith: The doctor said I'd out-live Confucius.
Jim Gordon: Sure, if you stay on the ground... I can't send a man out there who doesn't know whether he's flying upside down or not! Take a look at that eye chart; your depth perception's a mile off! I know you've been gunning 'em since they were box-kites with broomsticks for rudders. But you gotta believe me, I'm doin' this for you! You've been close-winging in formation, overshooting your landings...
Hap Smith: [sounding as if he might cry] You don't have to say any more!... What else COULD I do around here?
Jim Gordon: Well, taking care of these ships on the ground is just as important as gunning them upstairs. I need a man I can trust for that... I wish you'd take that job, Hap.

Jim Gordon: Don't try to win this war all by yourself.

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The airplanes seen on the ground in the film are decommissioned P-40Bs, of the type actually used by the American Volunteer Group in China; they have four prominent gunports on the engine cowling (but no guns.) In the aerial sequences the planes are 1941 P-40E's, with six wing-mounted guns and a smooth cowling.
The Flying Tigers' planes were full-size mock-ups made mostly of plywood and balsa wood, not - as has often been thought - real aircraft. The "engine" noises were sound effects added after production.
In 1949, Republic Pictures reissued this film on a double bill with The Fighting Seabees.
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Best Music - Scoring Oscar 1942

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