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Demetrius and the Gladiators (1954) was a Action - Drama Film directed by Delmer Daves and produced by Frank Ross.

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Demetrius and The Gladiators–Episode 6

By Tom on Oct 9, 2014 From The Old Movie House

While Demetrius has his face buried in the robe he suddenly feels what feels like a hand –a small hand – lightly touching the top of his head. Demetrius raises his head and looks into Lucia’s eyes. For the first time since the attack there is life in her eyes. She recalls having a ... Read full article

Demetrius and The Gladiators–episode 5

By Tom on Oct 7, 2014 From The Old Movie House

When Demetrius proclaims “Hail Caesar” Caligula elevates him from slave to a Roman guard in the Praetorian Guard with the rank of tribune. Messalina asks that he accompany her to her summer villa. Meanwhile at the palace Caligula graduates from barking mad to plain crazy. He summons Clau... Read full article

Demetrius and The Gladiators–Episode 4

By Tom on Oct 6, 2014 From The Old Movie House

After Demetrius is out of the clutches of halfwits who want to cure him by almost killing him he is allowed to heal. When he starts to resemble his old self he is summoned to the house of Claudius and Messalina. Claudius questions Demetrius about Christianity and the whereabouts of the robe. Demetri... Read full article

Demetrius and The Gladiators - episode 3

By Tom on Oct 5, 2014 From The Old Movie House

Having just arrived at the Claudius Gladiator school Demetrius looks around, and far from thrilled at what he sees. It’s here we get our first look at William Marshall, who plays a Nubian king named Glycon. Richard Egan plays a gladiator named Dardinius. Glycon is rather good with a sword, wh... Read full article

Demetrius and The Gladiators–Episode 2

By Tom on Oct 3, 2014 From The Old Movie House

You can watch The Robe and then Demetrius and The Gladiators as I did, or you can watch them separately. They both stand up, and are excellent films. Although there was only a break of about three weeks between the two films all that had been decided was there should be a sequel to The Robe. Jean ... Read full article

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Quotes from

Demetrius: We traveled here together from Galilee, persuading people to give up their lives for a beautiful dream.
[he attempts to hand a goblet of wine to Peter]
Demetrius: Take it Peter. It's real... hot spiced, with cinnamon and cloves.
[chuckles and looks towards Messalina]
Demetrius: Did you know that Jesus could turn water into wine? And that was only one of his tricks.
Peter: Yes, only one. Anything that was base, He could make noble. He found a leper and made him clean. He found death and He made life. He found you a slave, and He made you free.
Demetrius: Get out!
Peter: And now you've won a great victory over Him, haven't you tribune ? You've made yourself a slave again.

Messalina: What is your name?
Demetrius: Demetrius.
Messalina: You spoke of a god, Demetrius. Which god?
Demetrius: There is only one God.
Claudius: He's one of "them". This is very interesting. A Christian!
Messalina: Are you a Christian?
Demetrius: Yes.
Messalina: And you won't fight?
Demetrius: No.
Claudius: He can't my dear. It's against his religion to kill.

Caligula: [hallucinating] Do you see her Claudius ? The Goddess Diana. Every night she comes to me. My arms. There there she goes. Now do you see her ?
Claudius: No, sire.
Caligula: [angrily] Why not ?
Claudius: Only you gods are privileged to see each other.

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Facts about

According to Jay Robinson (Caligula), the break in principal photography between The Robe and Demetrius and the Gladiators was only three weeks. This would account for "The Robe"'s opening shot of the gladiatorial arena; a scene lifted from its sequel. The scene featues Victor Mature & Jay Robinson. Also Ernest Borgnine, William Marshall, Richard Egan AND Susan Hayward; these last four were not in The Robe.
Michael Conrad's movie debut.
The set of the Christian neighborhood in Rome has previously been used in The Robe (of which this film is the sequel) as the village of Cana. We can easily recognize the well with old broken columns.
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Also directed by Delmer Daves

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Also produced by Frank Ross

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Also released in 1954

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