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Dangerous Overview:

Dangerous (1935) was a Drama - Black-and-white Film directed by Alfred E. Green and produced by Hal B. Wallis and Jack L. Warner.

Academy Awards 1935 --- Ceremony Number 8 (source: AMPAS)

Best ActressBette DavisWon

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Quotes from

Joyce Heath: I am now humiliated to the point where I must thank you!

Joyce Heath: It's either going to be your life or mine. If you're killed, I'll be free. If I'm killed it really doesn't matter. If we both die-good riddance!

Joyce Heath: [to Don] I should laugh at you, should I? But I can't help it. You were so awkward that I almost laughed in your face at first. And then it made me sick to think that anyone could be stupid enough to be taken in by old tricks. I thought you might at least be amusing, but you turned out to be dull, and stupid and so afraid. Well you needn't be? I won't hurt your Sunday school romance or your oh so nice career. Hurt me? Get out of here before you give me hysterics!

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Facts about

Though Bette Davis was very proud of the Oscar she won for this film, she didn't think she deserved it that year - in her opinion, Katharine Hepburn should have won for Alice Adams. Davis always thought she won as compensation for not even being nominated for her star-making performance in Of Human Bondage the previous year.
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Best Actress Oscar 1935

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Also directed by Alfred E. Green

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Also produced by Hal B. Wallis

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