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Cape Fear (1962) was a Thriller/Suspense - Drama Film directed by J. Lee Thompson and produced by Sy Bartlett.

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Cape Fear (1962)

By Beatrice on Sep 12, 2017 From Flickers in Time

Cape Fear Directed by J. Lee Thompson Written by James R. Webb from a novel by John D. MacDonald 1962/USA Melville Productions/Talbot Productions Repeat viewing/Netflix rental Mitchum’s Max Cady is scarier than any monster. Max Cady has just been released from eight years in person for assault... Read full article

Cape Fear (1962)

By Marlee Walters on Jul 16, 2014 From Spoilers

Cape Fear is the first film in my thrillers of the 1960’s series featuring my new theory “the Psycho effect.” Not just in release year, but also casting and stylistically, Cape Fearis the closest to the noirs of the late 40’s and early 50’s of all of the films I’ll be looking at. However, it is dist... Read full article

Cape Fear (1962)

By 4 Star Film Fan on Apr 21, 2014 From 4 Star Films

Starring Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum, and Polly Bergen, the film is an ominous and intense thriller.Peck is an attorney in a small town and he has a beautiful wife and young daughter. However, Max Cady (Mitchum), a man he helped put away, is now out. He makes it clear he wants revenge and he will b... Read full article

Cape Fear (1962) – Reader Request

By Kristen on May 7, 2012 From Journeys in Classic Film

Thanks everyone for voting in the first Reader Request poll (that’s what I’m labeling these reviews).  By a vote of five, the readers requested a review of the 1962 film Cape Fear.  Cape Fear is one of my favorite movies, and my second favorite Robert Mitchum film (my favorite being Nigh... Read full article

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Quotes from

Police Chief Mark Dutton: [Bowden has told Dutton that he's worried about Max Cady] You have a dog don't you, Sam?
Sam Bowden: She couldn't bite through a doughnut; but she's a good barker.
Police Chief Mark Dutton: Well, that's good enough. I'll call you when they pick him up.

Sam Bowden: [tries to pay Cady to leave town; Cady wants revenge] You shocking degenerate. I've seen the worst - the dregs - but you... you are the lowest. Makes me sick to breathe the same air.
[leaves the bar]

Max Cady: [Bowden has shot Cady and is holding the gun on him] Go ahead. I just don't give a damn.
Sam Bowden: No. No! That would be letting you off too easy, too fast. Your words - do you remember? Well I do. No, we're gonna take good care of you. We're gonna nurse you back to health. And you're strong, Cady. You're gonna live a long life... in a cage! That's where you belong and that's where you're going. And this time for life! Bang your head against the walls. Count the years - the months - the hours... until the day you rot!

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Facts about

In the scene in the police precinct, the cops listed on the duty roster are the characters from the 87th Precinct series of novels by Evan Hunter.
Polly Bergen suffered minor bruises in a scene where her character struggles with Robert Mitchum's character. He was supposed to drag her through various doors on the set, but a crewmember mistakenly left all those doors locked, so that when Mitchum forced Bergen through the doors, she was actually being used as a ram to push them open.
Director J. Lee Thompson complained at the time that UK censor John Trevelyan had ruined the film by making extensive cuts, and the number of edits suggested ranged from 60 to over 100. Trevelyan later replied that he had made only 15 cuts, totalling around 6 minutes, with edits made to threatening dialogue and assault references, Cady's attack on Peggy, and all shots of him staring longingly at Nancy. All later UK video releases restored the cinema cuts.
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