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Attack of the Crab Monsters (1957) was a Horror - Science Fiction Film directed by Roger Corman and produced by Roger Corman and Charles B. Griffith.

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Classics of the Corn: Attack of the Crab Monsters (1957)

By Lindsey on Aug 24, 2013 From The Motion Pictures

(Screen capture by Lindsey for TMP) A group of scientists have traveled to an island in the middle of nowhere, where they hope to study the effects of nuclear testing on the environment. But when they have some airplane trouble, they’re stranded on the island. Things only seem to get worse fro... Read full article

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Jules Deveroux: Strange... You can see only a small part of the island from this spot, yet you can feel lack of welcome - lack of abiding life, huh?
Ensign Quinlan: Yeah, I felt the same way before when I came to rescue your first group. I knew not only they were gone, but lost - completely and forever... body and soul.

[Hank tries to contract the U.S. Navy using a jury-rigged wireless telegraph set]
Dale Drewer: Are you getting through, Hank?
Hank Chapman: How should I know? I'm not on the other end of this thing!

Seaman Jack Sommers: But this is the second bunch of brains that have come out here. What happened to the first?
Hank Chapman: They were here and then a storm hit... and they were gone. That's all anybody knows.
Seaman Jack Sommers: Doesn't anybody wonder?
Hank Chapman: Everybody wonders! They just don't like to talk about it.

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Facts about

Allied Artists Pictures released this film on a double bill with Not of This Earth to many drive-in theaters with the tag line "Terrorama! Double Horror Sensation!"
A scene involving two pilots was shot, but cut from the final finished film.
Russell Johnson broke his toe while splashing around in the water during one scene. Due to the low budget of the film, director Roger Corman had a stage tech tape up Johnson's toe and immediately ordered him back in the water to finish the scene.
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