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Zita Johann Overview:

Actress, Zita Johann, was born on Jul 14, 1904 in Temesvar, Austria-Hungary (now Timisoara). Johann died at the age of 89 on Sep 20, 1993 in Nyack, NY .



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Zita Johann Quotes:

Frank Whemple: Oh, I know it seems absurd when we've known each other such a short time. But I'm serious.
Helen Grosvenor: Don't you think I've had enough excitement for one evening, without the additional thrill of a strange man making love to me?

Frank Whemple: Stuck in the desert for two months, and was it hot! That tomb...
Helen Grosvenor: What tomb?
Frank Whemple: Surely you read about the princess?
Helen Grosvenor: So you did that.
Frank Whemple: Yes. The fourteen steps down and the unbroken seals were thrilling. But when we came to handle all her clothes and her jewels and her toilet things - you know they buried everything with them that they used in life? - well, when we came to unwrap the girl herself...
Helen Grosvenor: How could you do that?
Frank Whemple: Had to! Science, you know. Well after we'd worked among her things, I felt as if I'd known her. But when we got the wrappings off, and I saw her face... you'll think me silly, but I sort of fell in love with her.
Helen Grosvenor: Do you have to open graves to find girls to fall in love with?

Helen Grosvenor: I loved you once, but now you belong with the dead. I am Anck-es-en-Amon, but I... I'm somebody else, too. I want to live, even in this strange new world.

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Zita Johann Facts
She was a strong woman in Hollywood and once phoned up a major studio executive to ask why he made such rubbish.

In February 1933, the car Johann was driving was hit by John Huston and she sustained minor injuries. A little over 6 months later, Huston was involved in another accident that killed dancer Tosca Roulien.

She by whom the title character, played by Boris Karloff, was enthralled in The Mummy (1932).

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