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Character actor, Willie Best, was born on May 27, 1913 in Sunflower, MS. Best died at the age of 48 on Feb 27, 1962 in Hollywood, CA .



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Willie Best Quotes:

Chattanooga Brown: I'm tellin' yuh, he's as guilty as a weasel in a hen house.
Jimmy Chan: Well, Pop'll grab him if he is.
Chattanooga Brown: Well, he's gotta bankroll that would choke a water buffalo.
Jimmy Chan: [Chuckles] Why not a mule?
Chattanooga Brown: Ain't no mules where he come from.
Jimmy Chan: He come from...?
Chattanooga Brown: He one of them shoemaker men.
Jimmy Chan: A what?
Chattanooga Brown: On the islans, you know!
Chattanooga Brown: Oh, you mean Jamaica.

Alex: I just love talking to luggage. I used to be a porter.

Archibald Featherstone: I'll stay here and reconnoiter.
Driver: Don't get hurt doin' it.
Archibald Featherstone: You go and fetch the bobbies.
Driver: Yeah, I'll get the police too!

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Willie Best Facts
Bob Hope referred to Best, as his comedic co-star in The Ghost Breakers (1940), as one of the finest talents he had ever worked with.

He came to Hollywood serving as a chauffeur for a Mississippi white couple on vacation, and decided to stay and seek a career in show business.

In his earliest film appearances, in the early 1930s, if he was given screen credit he was billed as "Sleep 'n' Eat".

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