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William Hopper Overview:

Actor, William Hopper, was born William DeWolf Hopper Jr. on Jan 26, 1915 in New York City, NY. Hopper died at the age of 55 on Mar 6, 1970 in Palm Springs, CA .



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William Hopper Quotes:

Rhoda: What will you give me for a basket of kisses?
Col. Kenneth Penmark: A basket of kisses? Why, I'll give you a basket of hugs!

[on the plan to capture the alien creature with a huge net]
Col. Robert Calder: Doc, this is like a parachute. It's got to work the first time!

Dr. Ned Jackson: I'm convinced that we're dealing with a Mantis in whose geological world the smallest insects were as large as man, and now failing to find those insects as food, well... it's doing the best that it can.

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William Hopper Facts
Suffered a stroke on 14 February 1970.

Son of the actress-turned-gossip-columnist Hedda Hopper and DeWolf Hopper Sr.

Brother-in-law of actress Margaret Lindsay.

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