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Actor, William Forrest, was born on Oct 10, 1902 in Cambridge, MA. Forrest died at the age of 86 on Jan 26, 1989 in Santa Monica, CA .



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William Forrest Quotes:

George Carson, Head Trainer at Milford Farms: I hear you're a magician, Shawn. You can look at a yearling and tell like that whether he'll turn out champion or cow.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: You exaggerate my abilities, George, but...
Thomas Milford, Owner Milford Farms: But that's exactly why you're here, Shawn.
George Carson, Head Trainer at Milford Farms: Oh, brother! Why, we can't even tell when they're two-year-olds. Even after we've tested them plenty against each other we sometimes let a future winner go to the sales.
Margaret O'Hara: Perhaps you've let too many winners get away, Mr. Carson.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: Now, Maggie, naturally George is doubtful.
Margaret O'Hara: If it's proof you want, Mr. Carson, listen to this: In all the years Uncle Shawn trained for Lord and Lady Maitland in Ireland, devil a colt that turned the trick was sold by them.
George Carson, Head Trainer at Milford Farms: All right, Miss Margaret. Let me in on the secret, will you?
Margaret O'Hara: Of course. 'Tis simple. When it comes to a thoroughbred horse, Uncle Shawn is fey.
George Carson, Head Trainer at Milford Farms: Fey? What's that?
Margaret O'Hara: It has to do with the little people: elves, gnomes, fairies.
George Carson, Head Trainer at Milford Farms: So we're going to have the fairies pick our horses for us. Well, I give up. Boss, you can have my resignation whenever you want it.
Thomas Milford, Owner Milford Farms: Of course not. Don't fly off the handle. You and Shawn will make a great team.

William Peterson: They're shrewd, those Renos, and vicious. Control the whole county in southern Indiana. Judge, prosecutor, constable - all on their side! Renos had 'em elected.
Monk Claxton: I still wonder how a thing like that could happen.
William Peterson: Well, people who have had freedom for as long as we've had sometimes take it for granted. Come election day, they're lazy, or callous. Same thing. However, it's done. Our job is to get it undone.

Gen. Ulysses S. Grant: Have you thought about how you're going to get back?
Col. John Marlowe: Have you, sir?
Gen. Ulysses S. Grant: Well, I guess I asked for that. I just hate to think of you spending the rest of the war in Andersonville; it's a hell-hole.

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William Forrest Fact
Grandfather of Robert Hayes.

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