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Actor, Walter Koenig, was born Walter Marvin Koenig on Sep 14, 1936 in Chicago, IL. As of December 2021, Walter Koenig was 85 years old.



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Walter Koenig Quotes:

Xela: [aiming a phaser at Harriman] Give me one reason I shouldn't kill you where you stand.
Captain Harriman: I can't... but there must be one, or you would have done it by now.

Captain Pavel Chekov: This almost makes me feel like a kid again!
Captain Nyota Uhura: Well, it should. The last time you sat in that seat, you were a kid.

Captain Galt: I am Captain Galt of the freedom ship Liberty. We know you have our comrade Kittrick. Return him or we will destroy your ship.

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Walter Koenig Facts
Last name is pronounced "Kaynig"

Often complained about the character, Pavel Andreievich Chekov, he portrayed over the years as having no levity on Star Trek. As well as getting hurt through the motion pictures and series.

Because his hair was too short, had to wear a wig in his first appearance on "Star Trek" (1966).

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