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Actor, Walter Koenig, was born Walter Marvin Koenig on Sep 14, 1936 in Chicago, IL. As of December 2019, Walter Koenig was 83 years old.



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Walter Koenig Quotes:

Captain Harriman: This is very strange. I remember you as a friend, but... you still feel like an enemy.

Captain Nyota Uhura: [narrating] Personal log, Stardate 7615.1. It doesn't seem like a year's past since we restored our normal timeline. As I conclude my last entry as captain, my thoughts are not on that single grain of sand we might disturb accidentally, but on the fact that we are endowed with free will and can choose ideas that can either lead to deadly consequences or to joyous rewards. So truly, our destiny lies not in the stars, but within ourselves.

Captain Nyota Uhura: [narrating] It's said if you move but one grain of sand, you run the risk of altering history.

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Walter Koenig Facts
Was the only Enterprise crew member to interact face-to-face with Khan (Ricardo Montalban) in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982). Ironically, Khan recognizes him even though he did not appear on the original series episode "Space Seed".

Was cast as Chekov on "Star Trek" (1966) because of his resemblance to Davy Jones. The producers were hoping to attract a younger audience, including girls.

Last name is pronounced "Kaynig"

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