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Wally Cassell Overview:

Actor, Wally Cassell, was born Wall Cassell on Mar 3, 1915 in Mississippi, USA. As of December 2018, Wally Cassell was 103 years old.



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Wally Cassell Quotes:

Jake Ledbetter: We didn't move out yesterday when some whipper-snapper Lieutenant told us to, and we're not moving out today! The yellow stuff in that creek back there tells us we're going to stay right here for quite a spell.
Trooper Muro: (to other troopers) Answer me this. How do they better themselves with the top of their heads gone?

Capt. Webb Calhoun: Open the gate, Sergeant. Muro, give me your saber.
Sgt. Barhydt: Sir, you're not going to let 'em in!
Capt. Webb Calhoun: That's the sign for palaver. I'm going out.
Sgt. Barhydt: But they're Sioux! That don't mean nothing but a trap. I'm going with you!
Capt. Webb Calhoun: You'll stay here... just in case. Open the gate!
Sgt. Barhydt: Just in case he don't come back.
Trooper Muro: If he don't come back, there won't be any case.

[Captain Calhoun has just told his company that Trooper Riorty was decorated for heroism four times during the Civil War]
Trumpeter Benton: Four separate battles?
Trooper Riorty: Well, you see, I, uh, I joined up late.

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Wally Cassell Facts
He began in films in 1943 as mainly a character actor appearing in many war films including Sands of Iwo Jima (1949), Flying Leathernecks (1951), and starring in Story of G.I. Joe (1945). He later appeared in a number of westerns and gangster films.

He has done over 76 Films and was a very successful business man after he left the movie industry.

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