Victor Kilian Overview:

Character actor, Victor Kilian, was born Victor Arthur Kilian on Mar 6, 1891 in Jersey City, NJ. Kilian died at the age of 88 on Mar 11, 1979 in Los Angeles, CA .


Brown-haired, sometimes bearded American actor who looked perfect casting for Abraham Lincoln, and finally did get to play the role in 1940's Virginia City. Not too dissimilar to John Dierkes, he was often cast as woodsmen, prospectors, sheriffs, and fire-breathing preachers until he became a victim of the McCarthy blacklist. At 85, he began a whole new career as the "flashing" grandfather in the TV comedy show Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman but, sadly, three years later he was killed by burglars at his Hollywood apartment.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Film Character Actors: an Illustrated Directory).



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Victor Kilian Quotes:

Gil Carter: Say, what is there to do in this town anyway?
Darby: Well, unless you want to get in line and woo Drew's daughter...
Art Croft: We don't.
Darby: The only other unmarried woman I know is 82, blind and a Payute. That leaves you five choices: eat, sleep, drink, play poker or fight. Or you can shoot some pool. I got a new table in the back room.

Preacher: Prepare for the vengeance of the Lord! The day of reckoning is mighty close and you'll catch a heapin' fire if you don't get to repentin' and get to it quick! Hellfire is awaitin' ya. Are you ready to meet your Maker?
Frank James: I reckon so.
Preacher: You willing to stand before the judgmency with a chaw of tobacco in your mouth? Lost souls, that's what you are! Black as sin! Black with iniquity! The light of the Lord ain't in any of ya! Do you ever think of salvation? Do you ever think of the kingdom? No! All you ever think of is your bellies... and your corn pone and you chitlins and your corn liquor. Ah, brother, how about a swig of that jug?

Dr. Rupert Bulfinch: I am a biologist!
Steve Baker: [Dismissively] Sure! A bug doctor!

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Victor Kilian Facts
Murdered by burglars at his Hollywood apartment.

Enjoyed a prolific career on Broadway, active from 1926-62 and appearing in 26 productions.

While shooting the John Wayne film Reap the Wild Wind (1942), Kilian lost the use of his eye after an accident during a fighting scene.

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