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Verree Teasdale Overview:

Actress, Verree Teasdale, was born on Mar 15, 1903 in Spokane, WA. Teasdale died at the age of 83 on Feb 17, 1987 in Culver City, CA .



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Verree Teasdale Quotes:

Marguerite Collins: Here I am, tied to a little shop. Ah well. We must try to smile, eh? But it is lonely. My husband is in a hospital in France. The war.
William Marble: Where was he wounded?
Marguerite Collins: Ohhh...
[shakes head]
Marguerite Collins: . That I cannot tell you. Oh, it is terrible!

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Verree Teasdale Facts
Due to husband Menjou's periodic illnesses, Veree's career was placed on the back burner and she lost several top-notch roles that could have put her in the film forefront. After a major lull in the late 40s, the couple was offered their own radio syndicated interview program by producer Fredric Ziv.

Cousin of writer Edith Wharton.

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